Hi everybody, Dr. Dave here. Welcome to our blog dedicated to those of us in our second half of life. Our motto here is “add years to your life and life to your years.” After all, what good is living a long time if you can’t enjoy it? It is obvious that we are living longer, and our generation has accumulated the wealth to enjoy these golden years much more than our parents and their parents before them.

My goal is to educate, inform, enlighten, and inspire you to improve the quality and quantity of your life. With 35 years of health care and fitness behind me, I will share my thoughts on health, diet, exercise and overall wellness. I look forward to hearing back from you–questions or comments are always welcome. You will find me to be a straight-forward, no-bullshit kind of guy. I am not out to sell you something, win a vote, or try to convince you that my way is always right. I want to share my knowledge of ways to improve your life, coming from someone your age who knows what it is like to be in this stage of life.

It’s a great time to be alive.

OK, let’s get to work.

Dr. Dave