It’s that crazy time of year again.  New Year’s resolutions are in full force. I  have heard several people over the last few days say they want to lose a certain number of pounds by Valentine’s Day.  Today the number was 30.  THIRTY POUNDS? By Valentine’s Day? That is just smoking a crack pipe.  No way that is going to happen.  But if one chooses very drastic ways to make that happen I can pretty much guarantee one will be up by FORTY pounds by Valentine’s Day!

So… this particular person is going to eat 350 calories (said in a whisper) a day—Yep. Tuna, rice cakes, coffee, and at the end of the day, a little protein and some lettuce– I kid you not.  Thirty pounds by Valentine’s Day? That is six pounds a week! Ridiculous! Seriously, those looking for a quick fix, you need to stop and think about what that really means. 30 pounds in five weeks is not realistic. Instead of a fast fix, how about try making small changes that are consistent, and in a year, in two years, your body will be sitting in maintenance, sitting at the weight it wants to be.  That my friends, is the residual effect of a lifestyle.

Please don’t diet. Diet is restrictive.  Restrictive doesn’t work.  You have to have balance. Your body needs food. Your body needs fruits and veggies. Your body needs carbs. YES! Carbs!  Your body needs protein with every meal.  Even dairy, unless of course there is an allergy.  Please don’t cut out entire food groups.  Remember, whole foods are best, limit refined sugars, but make sure you plan treats into your life.  Eat them. Enjoy them with no guilt!

30 pounds by Valentine’s Day?  Don’t do it!

You’ve got this!