I always find it curious when someone asks me a question about diet or exercise and then cuts me off MID answer to inform me “they can’t” do something. Hmmm, isn’t that funny, if you think you can’t do something then SURPRISE, you can’t! You are right!! But, at least you are right. 🙂 When my kids tell me they can’t do something, my answer is always, “Can’t Walks On Won’t Street.”

So to those who think they “can’t,” I guess you need to look around and see all the people that ARE doing… that ARE succeeding… that ARE winning. Are they better than you? Were they born with the “Can Do” gene? If that guy/girl can do it, then by hell, so can you! So there you go. I’ve given you permission to succeed!!

People ask me questions all the time, always the same people, always the same questions, and yet they are never truly ready to hear the answer. They want the easy way out. They want the magic pill. Well don’t we all?? Life isn’t like that. There is no Magic Pill. Getting in shape, building muscle, or losing that last 5 pounds (or 20) isn’t like that either!

The only way you are going to get in shape, lose those extra pounds, have more energy, and feel good is to eat correctly and work your ass off. Literally!!! So here is the “Magic Pill,” hold on to your seats, here it comes… Light weight and lots of reps will NOT get the job done. You MUST eat correctly and go heavy. As HEAVY as you are able to lift and still have good form. That maximum weight is different for everyone. Don’t compare yourself to others. Run your own race, or in this case, lift your own weights!!! 🙂 Believe that you can and you CAN! Remember…

Can’t walks on WON’T street!

You’ve got this!