Yes even gyms have rules of etiquette and when someone is stepping over the line they need to be called out. Don’t be the jackass that does a set and sits on the machine, checks his phone, watches a video, texts his mom then does another half ass set and repeats. Put the damn phone away, become aware of your surroundings, and don’t be a jackass. Learn a little gym etiquette. This is good advice for anyone starting to work out in a public facility.

Probably the biggest complaint of the regulars at the gym are the newbies that have no consideration for others, probably because they are innocently naive and not knowing what to do, or the “I’ll do what I want” attitude. I really wish that gyms would give a 15 minute talk to people singing up to educate them of ways to improve the quality of their workout as well as the workout of others.

Let’s go through of the basics things to know.

  • Know your gym rules. All gyms have specific rules, dos and don’ts. Like dropping weights, using chalk or making noise ( yes, one gym doesn’t allow any grunting or groaning when lifting). These should be explained when signing up.
  • Always be aware of your surroundings. Am I in an area where runners may come by, or am I where someone may need space to swing a weight. Sounds strange but don’t block someone’s views of themselves in the mirror.
  • Put your weights back where they belong. This goes for dumb bells and, if using bars, put the plates back where they go. Don’t just put them back either, most weight racks have specific areas for each weight. And if you move a bench to another part of the gym, for whatever dumb ass reason, return it to where you found it.
  • Clean up after yourself. Having a bald head results in a wet spot and usually drippings wherever it touches so I am mindful of that and wipe off anything it touches. Same thing occurs when using a bench, A smart move would be to wipe off the equipment before you use it as well because…well gross. Its handy to bring your own hand towel and use it before and after.
  • And then there are phones, I know people have their music stored there and often their workouts as well. But for hell sake, stop the @#$%& texting. You are at the gym… just stop. The worst is when someone does a set, doesn’t move, text for 5 minutes, set, sits, texts, set.. Oblivious others are waiting to use the piece of equipment. No that’s not the worst, I actually saw a girl on her phone, to her ear, through the treadmill and use of the machines , what in life is so important? Put the phone away for an hour, PLEASE. Oh and NO pictures, selfies or pics of the hot girl on the squat rack are off limits.
  • People are generally at the gym to exercise, unless of course you hit the 5 to 7 pm social group who are there to “hook up”( an observation). So be considerate and don’t chit chat around equipment and don’t interrupt someone working out especially if you don’t know them.
  • Plan ahead. Always know what you want to do next, look over at that piece of equipment. is it vacant? Is someone working out on the equipment next to it? Often people use two pieces of equipment at the same time which is fine if its not busy. So don’t be afraid to ask the person next to the equipment if its available.

I know common sense is somewhat a thing of the past, well perhaps not for us seniors right? So just use it, I think many of the young people have somewhat of a respect for those of us with the white hair so don’t mess that up by being “that guy”.